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Floating / Static Group within a Pop up?

Does anyone have any tricks or know how one might have a static / floating group within a pop up?

Like a top bar within a pop up


hmmm, are you saying the pop-up is larger than the screen and scrollable, and you want to have a single element with a fixed location within the pop-up?

I’m not at all versed in html/javascript or other coding languages that add flexibility. But, from a vanilla bubble standpoint this should be easily achieved with how you structure the groups within the pop up, and responsive features of those groups.

I would suggest setting your pop to column layout, putting your header at the top of the pop, then putting all your other content in a group below the header.

Set the size of the group to be the size of the pop - size of the header. So a 100px pop with a 10px header would get a 90px group–assuming you’re not using margins.

Make sure the group is not set to “fit to content height” and that should be it.

Basically, this keeps your pop the same height, keeps the header at the top, and makes the interior of the pop below the header infinitely scrollable.

Hi @toby2,

is this what you are aiming for approximately?

Let me know!

ah nice one!

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I was looking for something like that
Can you give me your editor link please
Thanks :+1:

@viquarahmed07 hope this helps:

Editor link: Testappdownload | Bubble Editor

I am using a floating group instead of a popup that has 100% height & width covering the whole viewport.

A popup with 100% height & width would still allow the page to be scrollable and would not apply negative margins to the top, so this seems to be the best approach as of now.


Thanks @jukoen :+1:
It fixed my issue…

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