Log Errors - anyone else?

Hey everyone, before I dig too deep in either my app setup or submitting a bug report, just wondering if anyone else is getting Errors in your Bubble Logs.

I am seeing a lot of Log Errors, stating “Error: Cannot read property ‘user’ of undefined”.
Anyone else able to jump into your app see if you have similar issues?

I think this issue is with Logged In users and when there are on page permissions (either data or redirect if user is not logged in type thing)

Haven’t made changes to my User system or permissions in a long time, so wouldn’t think this is anything with my specific app setup.

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I am getting weird problems with my app that I haven’t touched in months too. I really think there is something going on with an update on the backend or something. I would file a bug report so they can look into it. They weren’t able to help me but maybe they can help you.

I have a feeling they fixed this. @Bubble can confirm?

@gf_wolfer Check if the user exists and if workflows could access that information at the time of running. If this becomes a recurring issue, please submit a bug report.

Occurred for every Anonymous and Logged in User since just after 9am Central, until just after 10am Central (around when I posted this topic)

Since I do not see it happening now, not sure if I should submit a bug report still?

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