Log in data base issue

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Hello, I’m quite new on bubble after a training and 2 apps built i starting my third.
Something really easy block me unfortunately. The log in of my app seems to doesn’t work … even if the password and the emails are correct. Do you have any idea of the problem ? thanks a lot @

Hi there, @antoine.fontaine.ece… it’s hard to say what the issue might be, but is there any chance you are trying to log in to the development environment with user credentials from the live database (or vice versa)? In other words, given that the development and live databases are separate, are you sure the credentials exist in the version that you are trying to log in to?


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Hey Mike,
Thanks for your reply;
I’m still in preview not in development environnement, and my data base is not live data base.
I tried few others option but still don’t have the solution …
If you have any others ideas don’t hesitated.
Thanks a lot !

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