Cannot connect to my app


I am a super newbe on Bubble.

I have created a login page and I try to log with my admin login and pw.
I get this message

Screen Shot 04-19-23 at 09.23 PM

However, when going into the user tab of the data section, I see my email adress.

I have checked on chatGPT that suggested me to create a “confirmed” field that you can see in the user table.
Did not help much
I did the “reset password” process that works fine, but I still cannot login

Any clue?


My guess is one or both of the following two options:

  1. You’re in the wrong version. You’re logging into the live version of your app but viewing the dev database (or vice versa)—they’re different.
  2. You’re using the wrong password—I believe that is the general error that the bubble throws if no user has that email and/or the password is incorrect.

Thank you mac2

Thing is I only have a dev version. This happens when I work in the preview to test my app.
Password is correct, no doubt about ir.