Log in/Log out building an RSVP app. Struggling to view certain things when logged out that I want to be able to view

Hey guys, I want logged out people to be able to see what other guests have said on the guest list so the guests name and comment whenever they are logged out. However when I log out i cannot see other guests names and comments but when im logged in i can. I’m having the same problem on the party feed page. On that page logged in users are meant to see other users’ posts and names. Please help.

I also only have the user data type I haven’t created any other data types. If that is one of the thing I need to do please let me know. Thanks

So remove privacy permission from all users, which is a bad idea and also you’ll have no way of distinguishing which guests for current user but it’s just the outgrowth of showing users info to logged-out user (also a bad idea).


You could just remove all privacy rules on the user. If this is just an app youre building for fun theres no harm in it.

Have you not created an ‘Event’ dataType where are you storing the party feed ?
What about an ‘Invite’ dataType?
Can people rsvp arbitrarily or do they need to receive an Invite URL or something along those lines in order to join? What would stop people from sending the url to a bunch of random people so they can rsvp too?
With those two datatypes you can create privacy rules to allow non-logged in (but invited) users to view the names of people on the party. But you need to build the database first.

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I am building this for fun but also for learning purposes so it’s a bit of a two way streak. I’d like to use all good practices for the sake of learning. But if removing all privacy permissions is the only way then that it what I’ll do and no I have created an event database I will get to that right away. I was storing the party feed within the user data as well. Thank you so much for the help. Really appreciate it!

I hear you I hear you. Thank you for the advice. I’ll take it into account especially because I am building this app just for fun not specifically for anyone’s use. However I am trying to learn good practices of building.

I also want users to be able to “View feed” ONLY if they are signed up or logged in but anyone outside of that shouldn’t be able to view the party feed How would i go about doing that ?

Okay I figured this one out now.

Its definitely not the only way :slight_smile: And its definitely not good practice.

A slightly better practice than removing privacy rules all-together would be to keep the default ‘user’s own data’ privacy rule, but on the the ‘Everyone else’ section, you could tick the Name field. Meaning that everybody, even those who doesn’t fit in any of the privacy rules, will still be able to see people’s Name. Name would become a public field, but all the other more sensitive fields would still be hidden (emails, phone number, address etc)

This is better, and for many applications’ this is sufficient. Think of a social network; names are generally public and you can search for users based on their names (you would also have to select the ‘Find this in Searches’ checkbox.

Generally speaking, for the User dataType, the above solution would be good enough. The problem is on the Event dataType; this needs to be adequately secured, because data such as location, time & guestlist of private events should defintely not be public information. No RSVP app can get away with not securing this information as you can imagine.

Why/how are you storing party feed on the user data? :sweat_smile: You should definitely have a Party/Event dataType.

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Okay heard. I’ll make the necessary changes to the database and the privacy rules. Appreciate the assistance. Thank you