How to show users who are going

Hi, so i am currently working on an app that allows users to "RSVP for an event. Other users can then see the number of user who have “RSVP” for the event and i want them to be able to see a list of all the peoples profiles who have “RSVP” for the event. currently i have a popup that has a repeating group on it the repeating group should show all the users profiles who are going to the event but i cant seem to get anything to show. 05%20PM when the “players going” text is clicked is shows this popup 21%20PM with the repeating group showing the users going.

AYou need to put fields in your RG that show the names (or whatever) of people going. Like If the RG IS “people who have RSVP’d”, a text element that is “Current Cells’s First Name”…

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The popup should also have a content type set to your Event data type so that you can pass the event data to it. That way, the RG can source from it. E.g “Parent group’s event’s attendees (users)”

And as @keith said, make sure you have elements inside the RG to display the field values!

Check out this video for a bit more on the concept of passing data around:

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I seem to be just one step away. it shows all the users who have a profile instead of only showing the ones who are going to the event

Are you passing the event to the popup? If you do that then the repeating group can use the “parent group’s event” or even “popup’s event” as part of the search constraint to display users.

For example: search for users with constraint on Events field > Events contains parent group’s event

Or if you’re saving participants to the event directly in a User list field, then the data source could be “parent group’s event’s participants”

This is what it looks like right now05%20PM


I think i am just a little confused. to me this should work.

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