Adding RSVP names to a repeating group

Hi - i’m taking the canvas bootcamp and having some trouble with the first assignment. We are supposed to build an RSVP app and one task is show a list of guests attending and their information on the right hand side.

I can’t for whatever reason get the proper logic so that the repeating group pulls from the database the names of people who RSVP’ed.

Any help would be appreciated! Link to my app: Bootcamp-task-0 | Bubble Editor

This is how it’s supposed to look.

Hi there, @marco.fuentes1810… it is likely that the privacy rule on the User data type is getting in the way. Try deleting that rule or configuring it a different way to see if you can produce the desired result.


That is exactly what it was thank you, @mikeloc!

I have a few other questions and I should be done with this RSVP app if you dont mind :slight_smile:

  1. I need the number of guests to show in the red boxes. The top one should be the total number and under each person it should show the # of guests they’re bringing (i.e. Marco (and 10 guests or Brigid (and 1 guest) or blank if someone isn’t coming)

How do i handle the plural and the total number of guests?

  1. The “View Feed” button should only take a user to the feed page IF they signed up and if they RSVPed. I got the workflow set up for the if they signed up condition. How do I set it up so Bubble checks whether they RSVPed as well?

  1. On the Feed page I’m supposed to include the time a user posted to the feed. Time isnt part of the data types from what i can tell. Is there a way to show the time that the comment was posted?

Thank you so much!!!

  1. The total number of guests would be a search of the RSVP data type with a constraint where can you attend = yes (the constraint probably isn’t necessary, but it can’t hurt), and then you would use the :sum option to add up the numbers in the number of guests field for the things that are returned in the search. To do the guest/guests/blank thing, you would use the conditional tab to construct three conditions… one that uses guest when the number of guests = 1, one that uses guests when the number is greater than one, and one that is blank when number of guests is empty.

  2. This one would likely be a search of the RSVP data type for one or more things created by the current user, and you would use the :count option on the search to see if the count of those things is greater than 0.

  3. For this one, do Current cell's Feed's Creation Date again after “at”, add :formatted as, and for the Format type, select the option that only shows the time.

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Thank you @mikeloc! You’ve been really helpful :+1:

I am good on #3 but have a few other questions on 1 and 2.

For #1 - I think the constraint of can you attend = Yes is needed. Otherwise, it counts the “No’s” as a guest. When I try to add the constraint it doesnt let me put “Yes”. I type it in, but goes away when i click on something else. Can you attend is a text field btw.

Staying on #1 - for the guest/guests/blank conditions. I’m confused on how enter the conditions. Any chance you can send some screenshots of what you would do?

Lastly on #2 - I’m confused on how to do the search of the RSVP data type for one or more things created by the current user so that the app checks whether the current user RSVP’ed before letting them see the feed page. Is this set up on the workflow or a condition? I tried the workflow but not getting it right.

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