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Log-in required for back end workflows to function

I have a form on a page which NON-REGISTERED or NON-SIGNED IN users complete after receiving the page’s URL.

Once completed, I would like the user to receive an automatic e-mail thank you from the system via the back end workflow.

It seems to work only when the user who created the API back end workflow is logged in, but not when no user is logged in?

As the users completing the form are never registered on the site or logged in, how can I modify the set-up so that this will work?


For a Backend workflow to work like this, make sure that the ‘run without authentication’ is checked and the ONLY WHEN condition doesn’t require any user data.

You can make this work by creating a backend workflow with the ‘exposed as external API’ unchecked and ‘run without authentication’ checked.

To get this to work as you want it to, you first need to make sure the user’s email address is getting captured. So, somewhere on your form you need to capture that email address.

Then in the Backend workflow add a Parameter key that is type text and label it something like ‘user-email’. No need to worry about any checkboxes for ‘Expose as Public API workflow’ as this is used if you want to provide other applications an ability to trigger the workflow from that app. No need to worry about checking ‘run without authentication’ as that is also associated with allowing other apps to access and trigger the workflow. And no need to worry about ‘ignore privacy rules’ unless any data you may be using in the workflow has privacy rules, but seems like there is none.

So once you have it setup properly like the above screen shot then setup the step to send email like below

the user-email is the key parameter we created.

If there is other data you want to capture and send along, you can create other key parameters for those values.

If you have the form data saved in the database then you could just send the key parameter as that data type and make things easier to utilize all data from the form.

Example of database datatype for form data

Use as parameter key value

Screen Shot 2021-09-20 at 1.28.44 PM

And use in email action

When you trigger the saving of the form data trigger the backend workflow after you created the form data

Screen Shot 2021-09-20 at 1.30.55 PM

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Thank you for your detailed response including screen shots. Very Helpful.
For my specific situation it was the privacy settings. Once I clicked “Ignore privacy rules…” then it worked just fine.

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