Log in with ID not Email

I am creating an online marketplace for property listings. What I am having difficulty with is creating a log-in function that allows a property owner to log in using their property ID instead of their email.

All property owners will in the beginning be signed up to the app using an email and password as normal. However, once that property owner creates a property on the app an ID for the property will be created. Property owners may create multiple properties.

I have created an admin panel for the property owners to manage each of their properties individually, so I need a log in feature for the admin panel that enables the property owner to log in using their password for their account and the property ID they wish to manage on the admin panel.

I have tried to follow the workflow of the login popup and changed the inputs from email to text (property IDs are alphanumeric strings) but when attempting to login I get a message saying the property ID must be an email, so now I am stuck and need some help.

In the workflow for logging in (Account->Log the user in) you could have it do a search through the users list for the email associated with that username and have it use that to log in combined with the password they supply.

What I would like is to have the user not need to enter an email address. I would prefer for them to enter their property ID that they would be logging into the system to add/change data and look at information such as reservations etc.

It seems like there is not an easy way to just have the system log the user in without email and instead put other parameters into the log in popup.

Hi @boston85719,

Pretty sure you can do this with a bit of playing.

Just want to ask… if you had a user that created 5 properties for example, would that user then have 5 property ID’s assigned to their account and potentially be able to log in with anyone of those property ID’s which would be associated to email address?

Yes. What I would like to have after they enter their property ID is to be taken to the admin page for that property ID. They would then have to log out and log in again entering a different property ID to manage a different property.

  1. Log in to Property #1
  2. Manage property #1
  3. Log out property #1
  4. Log in to property #2
  5. Manage property #2
  6. Log out property #2

Are you designing this as a Mobile App so by that I mean this is ticked?


Or is more of a site where you have multiple Pages setup?

Its a site with multiple pages setup.

I am also trying to figure out how to pass the property ID from one page to the next as the user navigates between admin pages.

Currently I have it set up that when a user logs in using email and password a popup opens for them to enter their property ID. On that popup there is a shape with a text inside that has a link covering to direct them to the admin home page. The URL of the admin home page has the property ID number in it so that I could have the page grab all information from database pertaining to that property ID number.

What I’d like to do now is allow the user to navigate from one admin page to another with the same property ID being displayed in the URL of all admin pages so that all information regarding that property ID will be displayed on the page they are currently viewing.

This is the URL of admin homepage once the user has clicked go to admin panel in popup


What I would like to do now is have the user navigate to another page in the admin panel using the header and that each URL will have the same property ID like the admin_home page URL

Any idea on how to get the property ID to be passed to the URL

Why wouldn’t you have a dropdown (or other mechanism) of switching properties once you’ve already logged in? It seems like it’d be a pain to have to log out, then log back in again to fiddle with another property.

True, that may be something that I add to the menu items for the user to select manage another property which will bring them to a popup to input the 2nd properties id.

Do you have any insight into how I would enable a user to log in with a property ID instead of email?

I’ll do an example later and get back to you

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Hi @boston85719

Take a look at the link below, I hope it will help a little bit.

One thing I had noticed was when you initially tried to change the Email field to an ID, and you got the error saying that the property ID must be an email, this was probably due to the content format on that Email field being set to “Email” when it should be set to whatever data type you’re using in the database for the ID. I tried setting it up with my ID column being a Number, so I had to change the content format on that input field to Integer for it to work.

If a user doesn’t exist then you have to create one.
If the user exists and they have an ID belonging to them in the Property table, then they can use that ID (and their current password) - I basically did what @scott6 suggested here - (do a search for the ID and grab the associated email address for it)

If you try to log in with an ID that does not exist you get a standard message which I don’t think you can change but you could put a condition on the “Log the user in” workflow so it only runs when an ID exists or display a popup or something.

If no Property ID’s are in the Property table then it reverts back to Email logon.
Have a play!