Pass URL ID to other pages URL as navigate

I am currently building the admin pages of my site

What I’d like to do now is allow the user to navigate from one admin page to another with the same property ID being displayed in the URL of all admin pages so that all information regarding that property ID will be displayed on the page they are currently viewing.

This is the URL of admin homepage once the user has clicked go to admin panel in popup


What I would like to do now is have the user navigate to another page in the admin panel using the header and that each URL will have the same property ID like the admin_home page URL

Any idea on how to get the property ID to be passed to the URL

You can set each page to have a type of “property.” Then, when you navigate from page to page, you’ll be forced to send data along with it. I know from your other thread there are multiple properties per user, so you’ll need to specify which property to send from page to page.

How could I force the page to send the data of the property ID along when the user links to another page?

Currently I have a group on each admin page that will grab the id from the URL

What I have done is enabled a popup the user will fill in the property id and be directed to the admin home page. This already has the property id in the URL successfully as shown previously.

What I am stuck on is how to make it so that the property id in the URL is passed to the next admin page URL the user may click to so that all details about that property will be accessed by the group that grabs info from the URL.

I wouldn’t use the URL for this. In the navigation action in the workflow section, you are asked to specify what data to send to the next page. You can simply use, “Current Page Listing” in that action, and it’ll work without needing to grab info from the URL.

Thanks for the help Andrew. I actually wasn’t able to follow the advice you prescribed, but because of your input I figured out how to pass the property id to the next pages URL as I was aiming to do.

First I followed what you mentioned about the send data to next page and put this together

Now in each page the property id gets passed onto the URL of the next page in the admin pages area.

Once they are on the new page I am instructing the element to get data from URL.

Works like a charm and has made it so the rest of the week will be productive. Thanks again.

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