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Log User in without Password

I built a simple app with a front end and back end.

Admin creates account/credentials for users and populates a simple report page.
User gets an email w/ link, signs in and views report.

I’m seeing a big drop off in the signing in page so I want to eliminate password input for user. I would like them to simply sign in and view report with email only, No password. Sounds simple but can’t get around it for some reason…

Please help!

When signing up the user on the back-end, set the password as the email.

On the front end, use email input as the password input in the login event.

I made an example for you.

Another way would be to send parameters in the link send via email.

Thanks for signing up, click to sign in.

Use Blockspring’s random alphanumeric generator to create the token. However with this method the user would need to set a new password.


While the duplicated password is super not secure, it’s a clever idea. Bubble lets people come up with some neat stuff.

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Thanks so much. I’ll be using the input email as input password. Think with that method, I’ll be eliminating the password input field altogether.
Thanks again!

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No way to make email only login secure. It hurt me while making it. I would go the key parameter route for easy first login.

Bubble really is cool.

Not a problem. Remember, if other people know a users email they can view the report.

Also, when you set the password as the email login field Bubble will set the field type to password. Just change it back to email and it will work.

Awesome. Thanks!

We recently did this by having the user’s uniqueid in the email link and then using that to lookup the user.


Unlikely to guess that id. And means no login at all.


Great solution @NigelG. Thanks for sharing!

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You need to pass round the user between pages as you navigate, which is ok.

Not without some gotchas however… when the user actually logs on for real, you need to convert this to the “page user”.

And if they are accessing a sensitive area (in our case the profile) then you do need to force the logon, and only use current user, which might of course been different from the “virtual” user.

Interesting problem that took a while to get right :slight_smile:

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Does this solve your problem?

Post written by @ryan

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I ended up needing something like this but I’m using passwordwolf to generate random code every time they log in and sending it to their phone via Twilio.

JSON API String.

Bubble has a native feature called Generate random string under Calculate Formula, would this work for you?

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Was this added recently?

Sweet. This reduces my API calls and improves speed.

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I only noticed this a few days ago along with URL Encoding in the :formatted as option.

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