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Login user without password

I have a survey application. I create users for all the participants that are invited (makes it easy if they anwser the question that there is a user added to the database type).

But I dont want people to have to login. I want them to send a link with a unique id in it and allow them to login using that and start the survey.

But I am not able to login a user without a password. The only way I know how I could do this is save a table with unique id’s and set them as password and pass it along in the link. And for regular users redirect them to a login.

Is there a other way?


Did you find a solution?

You will need the e-mail ou the uniq_id for this.

As an example, I will use the uniq_id as you wish…

  1. Get the uniq_id you have as a parameter in your URL (I supose you know how to do it).

  2. In your workflow, use the action “Assign a temp password to a user” to create a temporary password for this user. The result of this step is a new password.

  3. In your workflow, use the action “Log the user in” to log the user. It is easy to find the e-mail thru a Search for. And the password, you will get from the previus step.

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