Login user without password

I have a survey application. I create users for all the participants that are invited (makes it easy if they anwser the question that there is a user added to the database type).

But I dont want people to have to login. I want them to send a link with a unique id in it and allow them to login using that and start the survey.

But I am not able to login a user without a password. The only way I know how I could do this is save a table with unique id’s and set them as password and pass it along in the link. And for regular users redirect them to a login.

Is there a other way?

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Did you find a solution?

You will need the e-mail ou the uniq_id for this.

As an example, I will use the uniq_id as you wish…

  1. Get the uniq_id you have as a parameter in your URL (I supose you know how to do it).

  2. In your workflow, use the action “Assign a temp password to a user” to create a temporary password for this user. The result of this step is a new password.

  3. In your workflow, use the action “Log the user in” to log the user. It is easy to find the e-mail thru a Search for. And the password, you will get from the previus step.

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Is this possible to accomplish this without any password (even “Assign a temp password to a user ”) ?

Yes. Use a magic links

I use three api workflows

I create a login thing and add a email to it. It was fields email, code (not visible using privacy rules), code entered, email send (to show if email is send), processed (to show if code is processed), reset (to allow access), logged in (to keep record if login was successful)

  1. workflow one generated a 6 digit code and sends a email

Then the user enters the code and I set it in the login thing

  1. workflow two generated a password only if the code is correct

Then the user logs in

  1. workflow three resets the temporary password and sets access_to_data to yes

I use access to data in the privacy rules to allow access to all data

U can also use a magic link.

Check out this plugin if still the problem did not resolve.

Hope it will help.