Logging In User Suddenly Not Working

Is anyone having issues logging in a user in the test environment? In testing my app, I noticed that users are not able to login whenever there are basic conditionals such as login user when “do a search for: User: email = email of input on page”. This has worked flawlessly for over a year, until today (!?) The user is now not found and no logs are showing.

Any ideas what’s going on?

Yea I noticed a similar issue. Did you find the solution to it?

kindly ensure your database privacy roles of User table.

If it is all good then, please report bug to the bubble support.

When we hard coded our workflow, its successfully logins, but as soon as we put in dynamic data, it says it didn’t find credentials. (although getting the credential correct)

Hi, checking back to see if you were able to fix the login issue. I’ve been distracted with other issue on the site and have come back to this as i noticed it seems to still not be working.
When the user presses the login button, I have two dynamic data conditional; if do a search for the user’s email. If it is in the database, log them in. If it is not, show an error message. Each conditional has a separate workflow. The error message is showing up despite the email being in the system.

I submitted a bug report this afternoon. Will keep the thread posted with what they find.

Hi Everyone, i did learn the issue. It turns out that in the Privacy Tab, the “Everyone - Find this in searches” needs to be checked. I get the sense there was some type of update affecting this as it was never a problem before

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