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Login bug occuring often

Hi Guys,

Not sure if it’s a bug or just me but I’m having this notification preventing me from logging in on a daily basis now, sometimes when trying to demo the product to clients. Normally sorts itself if I wait 15min but a bit embarrassing none the less.

I normally see this when i have been messing around in the workflows/sessions and set something not quite right following a change. Have you tried to clear all the cookies relating to the app to make sure the session information is fresh.

Does it happen on the same thing?

If it is happening regularly you can share the app with the @Bubble team to investigate via a bug report form, which you can share privately rather than share it publicly on the forums.

Thanks Dave - thought I would post here first before bugging the team, as it may not be a bug.

I haven’t seen a pattern but I will try your suggestions. Maybe a cookie cleanup will do it.

Also, if you go into the browser developer console, it might give you some pointers there as well especially if there is some JS related issue.

The bubble team/forum users can’t do a lot to help diagnose without eyes on the editor or more info, as there is not a lot to go on!

Sure, cheers.