Login issues again? 😔


Sorry to bother but I’m not able to log in in any of my apps, when trying, the app sends this message: “Please log in to access this data”

Also, when trying to login from the User table in App Data section clicking in “Run as:”, the app sends this other message: {“message”:“Unexpected server error, please try again later”,“code”:“1519239351627x88”}

I saw another Threat here in the forum about the same issue, http://forum.bubble.io/t/login-issue/20225 And the temporary solution was to clean cookies and all search data in the browser. But after trying that, I’m still have the same problem. Anyone else is facing the same problem?
Shall I report a bug?

Thanks in advance

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Same for me.

Can you file a bug report?

This bug affects users with a required runmode username and password. We are working on a fix right now which will go live in the next 30 mins. Will keep you posted.

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We have pushed a fix. Should be live now.

Hello @neerja, we have uncheck ‘Limit access to this application with a username and password’ option, still asking for username and password.
Second, we check on two diff system and internet connection, and it disconnect continuously and ask for username and password all the time (even the option is uncheck).
Testing in progress.
Update: still asking 4:07 pm

Please send support an app link and we’ll check.

It’s now solved. Let you know if happen again. Thanks.

Solved for me as well, thanks for the quick fix.

I will let you know if happens again

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Thanks all

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