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I am brand new to bubble. Zero coding ability.

Trying to create a header that has a logo, text box, a signup button, and a login button. That then links to a signup popup or login popup.

Here is a caveat, the signup page needs to include three extra items that are part of the user database, Name, Phone, Market (plus email and password) (the name would be used to personalize messages throughout app and the market would link to another database that would have additional static information). Also included would be an “Already have an account? Login”

Login would be email and password with a “Don’t have an account? Signup” link

Hello Welcome to the community. If I understand your question, you are asking how to ultimately link the header signup and login buttons to your popups? If yes then what you will need to do is create a workflow from each button. The actions to include in that workflow will be an Element Action to show the popups as you’ve named them, below are some screenshots to help guide you

Yes, that is the second part of my question. The first part is setting up the two pop-ups correctly, including making sure the database is linked correctly. One thing I forgot to mention, is the “Market” input is going to be a drop down menu

Hello @wfprieto

I take that you are using the reusable element called “Reusable: Signup / Login Popup” that every new Bubble app comes with to signup / login users. And … added some input elements like the dropdown you kindly describe.

  • Add the all the fields you want to the user thing (data type) in the database. Example … add the market text type or option-set type that you want to assign to each user record.

  • Then you can add an action in the signup flow to “make changes to thing” … choose the user … choose the market field … and add the expression “dropdown whatevernameyouusedtonamethedropdown’ value”

Hope this information is useful.

Enjoy building your app! :+1:

That worked! 6 hours, and I have a working login…lol! baby steps

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Don’t sweat that investment. FYI. building a working login functionality with zero coding experience using native code would take you 100-150+ hours, including of course learning how to stand up your own infrastructure and the basics of code compilation and migration. Congrats on saving so much time haha

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