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I am having difficulty creating a button to sign up a user. I want the button to open a popup with the default signup/login form provided by Bubble. Any help appreciated.

What specifically are you having difficulty with?

You’ve described exactly what you need to do: i.e. when the button is clicked, show the popup, so you just need to use the workflow action ‘Show Popup’ to display the popup when the button is clicked.

If only it were that easy! Unfortunately there is no ‘Show Popup’ option. I have tried all the options below.


Sign the user up does not work because it asked me for an email, which we don’t have as there is no form fields. The popup should have the form fields AFTER user clicks the signup/login button.

I don’t want to use the social media button in case someone (like me) has no social media.

If you’re that new to using Bubble I’d definitely recommend starting with the basic tutorials so you can get to grips with simple thing like showing elements etc. They are very helpful and will give you a good overview of the basics.

Here’s how you show a popup (or any other element):

If you’re using the built-in Bubble signup form then all the relevant workflows and inputs for login and signing people in should be there for you, ready to go.

Perhaps you’ve deleted some inputs by mistake?

Or, if you’re building your own form from scratch, make sure you have an input for email, and use that for the login or signup.

Without more details about your current workflows and/or page there’s not much more help I can give, so feel free to post some screenshots of your current set up if you need more specific help.

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Thank you, you’ve solved the issue. I have been looking through help files but this wasn’t covered (from what I found) because I used a template which didn’t have login in the way I wanted plus I am a novice.