Login/Signup button not responding in landscape mobile mode

When viewed on my iPhone’s Safari browser, landscape view, the Log In and Sign Up button will not respond under some conditions.

I can replicate when a group element slide under the Header Element.

If you scroll your page a bit up and down you could also replicate this issue under a different condition.

Anybody else experiencing this?

Tried to replicate on my iPhone 5 can’t see what you’re talking about. Do you have more specific steps to replicate?

Thank you for the prompt reply.

I made a video below showing my experience with this issue.

It was tried on 2 different iPhone just to check that there is nothing wrong with my first phone’s screen.

Is this new behavior or is the first time you’ve experienced it?

It might be a problem with popup size? It’s difficult to know for sure though.

I’m a new Bubble user, and yes first time experiencing this.

The pop-up is from the default reusable header element and it did appear under certain circumstances in landscape mode.

Welcome to Bubble!

I’m thinking it could be the browser is blocking the popup because the size of the popup is larger than the size of available on screen.

It seems to be working after you scroll down first, then back up (and all the tabs and stuff collapse). Then, once it’s loaded, responsive starts to work on that element and the browser allows it to appear.

I would look to making the popup element maybe smaller?

Thank you for the suggestion.

I will test it with a different size popup element and report back here soon :slight_smile:

I realize this post is more than a month old, but I’ll put in my two cents anyway. I experienced a similar problem. In my case it was solved when I realized that I was redirecting back to the page. This was because I had the “Mobile Version” property of several of my pages set to “Index”. Therefore, on my phone, the app was redirecting virtually everything back to the home page. (This happened because, when I made new pages, I cloned from the home page.)

Maybe that will help.

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