Login/Signup form visibility issue on loading on mobile


something weird is happening to the app that i’m developing.

Once I log in, the for is empty but if I turn the phone in landscape mode, everything appear and now I can turn it again on portrait and it allows me to log in.

How can I fix this?


Today is happening also on a internal group. Same behaviour.

@emmanuel, @NigelG, @romanmg: do you know if it’s a bug of Bubble?

That is odd. Not sure I have an answer however !

Have used Browserstack on various devices and Browsers. Seems to be an iOS thing ?

I’m actually testing on IOS 10 for the moment. I have no Android with me now.

Just happened also on Safari OSX (desktop) and to see the content of the form I had to resize the page. The resizing triggered something and the content magically appeared.

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