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Login status of all users


I wanted to have, in the administrator page of my app, an overview of the currently logged users.
I thought that by using the condition “is logged in” I could make appear an icon on the logged users.

but the the condition seems to be always true for all users, no matter what.
Am I doing something wrong?



I am sure this was discussed in another thread somewhere, and it was along the lines of the fact that a user can be logged in and not be active, as the auth tokens are still active.

One option would be to have a last active timestamp on the user object and update it every 5 minutes (15/30/60) or whatever, put a workflow in the header or wherever and read the last value, if > than time above then update it.

Then on the admin dashboard, simply read all user timestamps and if duration < than whatever interval, class them as logged in/active.

Thanks Dave. This could be a solution. But it wastes workflows. :frowning:

You could do, essentially, the same as dave suggests but use auto-binding. Here’s an explanation from elsewhere in the forum.

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