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Login the user with one field

Hello there!

is it possible to log the user in with using only an ID code? When the user sign up they will be able to create an ID that they can sign in with the next time without using password.

You could capture their unique id, login email, and password, then use AES256 bit encryption to encrypt the password and email so that you can save it as a thing. Then when they give their login “ID” (which you will probably also want to encrypt) you can do a search for the user with that ID, and then search for where you are storing that users login info, decrypt it and log them in.

Alternatively if you don’t want to save their passwords, you could perhaps use the action “Assign a temp password” to log them in, though it would overwrite whatever password they had.

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Or consider magic links [New Feature] Magic login link workflow action

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