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Login through specific API?


I was wondering if it is possible to connect your app through an API to our Member Site (in this case we are using MemberMouse). In other words, how can I configure a specific API for signup and login?

Also, can I display data from an external API?


Yes, there usually is a way for a bubble app to communicate with the external world. You have a few options/case.

  • you want your users to authenticate with another service (facebook is a common case, but it can be yours). It’s possible if the other service offer Oauth2 protocol, in which case there is a bit of work on our end to add it, but it’s quite fast.

  • if it’s not about authentication, you can still read data from an external API (which answers your second question). Check the iTunes lesson at, it’ll show you how that works. If it’s a new api we need to add it on our end, but if it’s modern and standard (RESTful, JSON, etc.), it’s very quick.

  • you can also write to an API like MemberMouse, and then you’ll have a new action that you can use in workflow. It’s the same process as 2, just a different call. Here as well, we should add it for you (so get in touch)

  • a third option (not live yet, but very very soon), will be to use blockspring to write your own API, and then add the blockspring plugin to your bubble app. Then, you’ll be able to access any block that you’ve built on the blockspring side. We’ll announce this to our users when it’s live, but it’s a matter of days. That’ll let you add things to bubble without having to ask us to do it.

Hope this helps

Thanks a lot Emmanuel. This is really clarify a lot of things.

Another question about pricing this time, in the case of native mobile apps, how do you count “visits” (as it is an important part of your pricing)?

The REST APIs I was mentioning are:
for displaying 3rd party data:
for Member Mouse, here is the doc:

Can you integrate them so that I can test?

Also, do you support Native Mobile Apps or not? Your website is a bit confusing on this topic :smile:

For integration, please email us with a detailed description of what you’re trying to do, and the calls from the documentation you need. Adding all the calls of an API is much longer, and most of the time not necessary (and we can add them later). Depending on how much work is needed, we sometimes ask for a one-time fee for this (that’s what we call ‘sponsor a feature’).

For visits, we count unique users, and use their email/pw to identify them, so an app on a phone will likely be one person.

Also, we do generate native apps for iOS, but it’s still in beta.

PS: thanks to have different threads for unrelated questions, that makes the forum more searchable for other users :slight_smile: