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Login via Facebook - no email

i have a few users that are logged in via Facebook which do not have email. How is that possible?

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There are a few reasons on the FB side …

User Registered via Mobile
User has not confirmed their Email
Something Random

It is really really annoying.

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What would you do in this case? Ask them to input their email address?

I guess you could ask them when they logged on ?

if emails is empty after fb login, input your email. simple :slight_smile:

This is a bit more complicated than i thought. I read about the missing email field from “make changes to thing” section, so i need to use “update users credentials.”
What does old password this mean?

Because if they are logged in via Facebook, they don t have a password, and if they don t have an e-mail what should i do?


Well that’s an issue with any service that offers Facebook login. They shouldn’t be able to update their credentials, since they’re coming from Facebook. So don’t show that option to people coming from Facebook.

If you really want them to add an email, they can reset it and then it’ll work like others.

But how can they reset the password, if they don’t have an email associated with their account?

Oh right, then they can’t (but again, they won’t want to, because they used another service to log in).

the thing is that, i can’t send them to order info which “normal” users receive by email

Then show them a message if an email isn’t available and save their input… This isn’t a Bubble issue, this is a authenticator issue.

It s exactly what i tried to do:
If current user is logged in and current user’s email is empty - show popup

When “Confirm” is pressed do this:

But the question is, what should be in the old password field?

You can’t save this as the email, since it’s not authentication email, it should be saved in another field.

got it. i save users email in “email2” field.

What happens if i do it like this:
When the order is placed - send email 1- send email 2. (send email 1 - user has email, send email 2 user has email only if facebooks email is not available) The question is what happens if i m sending an email to an empty field? (that would be the easiest way to solve this issue, maybe not the best)
send email 1:

send email 2:

I face this issue too. Having a second field “email2” complicates things a lot for sending emails.

@emmanuel Only if the user’s email is empty, could you allow us to define his email when he’s logged in ?

That would be quite complex, because this is only known un run mode, not edit mode. Not sure we have a good way to do this. What is the issue with email2? You can just have all emails in email2

Email2 is doable, of course, but it means more workflows when signing up, modifying email, admin checks, managing email confirmed on email2 if email is empty, changing all the emails’ to fields, etc. Changes which increase the risk of errors in our apps about something so important. And it seemes it’s a use case most of us will face someday gettig in production that is hard to anticipate.

So that would be a bit of work for you, and then, a few for us :slight_smile: Isn’t it the pre-processed behind-the-scene Bubble magic all about ?

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Letting users modify an email ONLY if the email was empty, otherwise we need to get their password, for security reason, is also quite complex, messy, and security sensitive.

We take the security of your app (so that you don’t get in trouble) very seriously :slight_smile:

What you should do maybe is if a user signs up with facebook and didn’t give the email authorization and you need it, ask them to do it again and if they don’t you limit what they can do. At the end of the day, if a user doesn’t want to give their email, there is nothing anyone can do about that (except ask again, politely).

Ok, so “letting users modify an email ONLY if the email was empty” is not a solution.

Other way more upsteam of the process, what about a checkbox “Return an error if the email is empty” here :

If true, the error would prevent the loggin process to happen and we could display an alert “You’re facebook email” is empty. Please connect with email/pwd"
I know that’s not the best for users, but it would prevent them future troubles.

Why don’t you implement that yourself in a workflow? That is my suggestion above

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