A user signed up with Facebook account but email is not given

Hi, everyone

There are a few users signed up with their Facebook accounts but the emails were blank. This happened for a few users only. Most are ok.

Anyone found this problem?

@privilet.info Those are usually invalid emails in Facebook. You can add an email confirmation workflow.

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Hi, @neerja

I only use an email confirmation for sign ups with email. I think to do an email confirmation with Facebook sign ups would not be a good UX.

Anyway, thank you for your answer, now I know the problem.

It is the way Facebook works.

Can be invalid emails. It can be a non validated email. It can be that the user signed up on their phone and used a phone number …

This is entirely valid, so you need to deal with it. It isn’t a bubble issue.

Ask the user for an email if you don’t get it.

Thank you @NigelG for adding more info :slight_smile: