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Login with Facebook problem in live version

Well in my app when I use my live version I can’t login with Facebook but when I use development version I can login through Facebook. What is the problem and ho to resolve it ?

Make sure that your URLs are set up with your app’s live domain in the Facebook developer settings. Mainly want to look at the redirect… that it doesn’t have “version-test” in it.

This is my fb app setting page. But I still can’t make the user login.

Look at this setting:

Still the same problem. Please help

Well, there are a number of different things this could be. Could you share any more info like an error message?

Well when I use the development version I click on Login With Facebook and then user is bale to login after few seconds. But when I use the Live version the user stays on the same page.

here is my devlopment version’s linke:

Here is my live version link: