Login with rfid Chip

Hello all,

I have created a PWA app that allows our colleagues to book their drinks digitally. A kind of cash register system. There is also a fixed cash register based on a Raspberry Pi with touchscreen where you can log in with your rfid token to book your drinks. This currently works on Python.

So every user has 2x rfid chips which are stored as a text field in the user database.

But in Bubble it seems that you can’t log in without the username and password. Is there a way to say that it works without?

Thank you!

I mean that a temp password replaces the actual user password?

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This will work and mirrors how some people achieve SSO via Google / Microsoft etc.

ok then i would have to write the temp password into the database and then do a login? But how can I access the password field in the database in the login workflow?

i think the user password will be replaced :frowning:

No just immediately use it to log the user in - don’t save it. And yep, that will replace their password. But maybe just switch to a password-flow entirely via magic logins when the RFID isn’t used

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so the temporary password replaces the user password, ok.

so i should be able to make it so that if the rfid token matches a mail address then a temporary password is created for that user that i use to login?

The PWA app I would then also have to convert that one works there with magc link?

Yes. Extra work but it’s a win win from the user’s perspective. Everyone hates passwords. One suggestion for your password-less flow is to include an email parameter when the login link fails (either because it’s >24hrs old, has been used before, or a subsequent token has been used):
Screenshot 2023-09-30 at 12.34.17

This means you can look for this param within your login pages / dialogues and offer a really easy route for the user to request a fresh token when theirs has expired. Our users got a bit fatigued without this.

ok thank you. The create a temp password solution work only when the user is logged in, this is a problem for my rfid login solution :frowning:

No you can create one without them being logged in