Logout slow on live anyone noticed?

Hi there
Logout action with no database updates followed by goto page index very slow. Anyone noticed anything similar?

Something is up with Bubble right now? conditionals have suddenly stopped working and workflows are bugging out @Bubble

Hello! Not that we’re tracking – can you please file a bug report so that we can look into this behavior? Thanks in advance!

Yeah this is affecting all my sites on live too.

Two main observations:

Objects set to hidden using a conditional are showing by default all of a sudden
Some Links that use workflows to pass data end with an error:

Bug report incoming! thanks!


Had phantom pages showing up the other day, almost like a ghost across the current page. Very odd. Disappears quickly and was not reproducible all the time.

Still having a timeout on logout with the above bug screen shot. Always present. Surely someone else is seeing logout timeouts? Simple logout user and goto index in the workflow. Refresh the page and it works quickly.

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