Long App Load Times


For the passed few days, we have been experiencing very long load times for our app. It is especially slower on mobile devices. We have had no new additions or upgrades to the app in the last week so I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing this. On average it is taking our mobile devices over 2 minutes to load our app where it used to take less than 10 seconds and it is also taking much longer on desktop as well. I noticed other apps I created is taking a longer time to load.

I tried different networks and ping test but everything seems normal.

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Yes, I’ve noticed my site ‘hanging’ on mobile in particular.

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I have the same issue, alongside CPU usage spikes 7%-20% per pageview. I am on the professional plan and thought performance would be significantly better

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I am on personal and I used the boost to get it up to professional but the load times were the exact same. Not sure what is going on but it is really affecting my mobile users to a point where they cannot use it at all.

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@eve @josh
Can you address the issue?

+1. Mobile load times have gotten much slower.

Get used to it. Bubble has always been mega slow, even more so once you start getting regular traffic. For something that has so much potential, there’s no optimisation and I think I have to say, the lack of transparency on their pricing plans is almost fraudulent.

Hello folks!

If you’re having performance issues, please ping us at support@bubble.io: we take these concerns very seriously, and definitely want to investigate if you’re seeing slower-than-usual load times.

Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for your reply, Eve!

Eve was such a great help by pointing out that it was an old plugin I had that was no longer working that was causing hang ups.

For me it was the Offline Notify JS plugin .

This was Eve’s reply:

Hello Joseph,

Thanks very much for reaching out; we’re sorry to hear about these slow load times! For your app specifically, it looks like the issue is with one of your plugins: if you run your app in safe mode , you’ll see that the load speed is much closer to what you would expect.

Looking at your console, the problem may be with the Offline Notify JS plugin (as per my attached screenshot, you can see the failure to load nioji.com). Please remove the plugin, and let me know if that does not solve the issue with your load time!

I would definitely check the console logs for anyone else facing long load times on apps. No server issues!