Long feed makes app slow

Finally have created a feed for the community, and once user scrolls down to 100 items of the feed, one page app gets very slow.

How usually social media applications have a feed, that doesn’t slow down the whole app as user goes between different menu features, including the feed?

Maybe your best practices here with the feed?


Hey @another :wave:

Hmm :thinking: I am curious to see all the ideas as well. I am sure there are a lot of outside-of-the-box ideas that we can come up with here. Here are some ideas for some faster loading experiences.

  1. Use a satellite data type to make the feed very small in data. This will allow the initial data to load faster and then when they click on the feed, then you see all of the data attached to it.

  2. Use a list of numbers as your feed and then display the data based off of a search of your database. The numbers will load super fast and then you can have the data inside load as it becomes available.

  3. Have a button at the bottom to ‘load more’. Or view them as ‘pages’ like Amazon.

Just some ideas off the top of my head.

Does that help at all? :man_shrugging:


Thanks @J805 for sharing!

Yes, I agree with the lighter table for news content as well to have smoother loading and scrolling through.

Don’t understand yet the list of numbers in the feed and how once can use them.

Have you encountered the same issue when user scrolls bit of down and have now a larger group, and when moving to another page (on one-page app), it gets very slow, as this group is still open and large, to go between other elements, and if you want to go back to the feed…

One option could be to restart the group and make the feed to be on the begining, and for user to again scroll down. Perhaps to use random feed content, rather to sort by the creation date, so that we can each time display “random” content on each time when user goes between feed group element and other one-page app elements? Another ideas?

The repeating group would just be a list of numbers that you can generate from the toolbox plugin. Then do a search for each item in your database and display the item # =current cell’s number.

I normally use ‘pages’ so there is only 10-20 or so items on the screen at one time.

It’s worth a try. At least it will clear it out and hopefully free up some memory for you to keep using the app without it slowing too much.

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Thanks! I will definitelly try out with the pagination! :slight_smile:

What is your goal here in the thread? It seems you have everything… Or for us to see more? :wink:

For example, what about the feed engagement, do you use the likes or comments in the feed? This will slow down bit the load, but with pagination it should work quite well.

I like this idea of showing random content, as Linkedin for example, but in this case to restart each time the number of contents in the feed as users moves around the app.

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I am curious to see what others might have for ideas as well. :man_shrugging:

For likes and comments, if you just save a number onto the feed data source, this will make the data not very heavy. You can still have a database called ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ as a separate type but just save the counts onto the main feed. That way, you don’t have to do the calculation each time while displaying in the repeating group.

Random content seems like a good idea. A good way to start at least. Then you can build after that.

Hope that helps. :blush:


Yes, it helps a lot! Thanks for the contirbution! We keep it open here for few more days if something else come up… :slight_smile: :raised_hands:

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