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Repeating Group Magical Alternative?

My app’s use case is 99% on mobile. RG’s loading slow is literally making me want to jump out of my 4th story window, as the app becomes super fast the literal second I hide the RG.

I’ve tried everything from stock RG data pulling, to setting a list inside of a state and getting the data from there. Currently I’m using a 1x1 RG that loads all of the information for the primary RG. I don’t know why this is supposed to be faster but a veteran bubbler said to do it in another thread.

I just want my users to be able to scroll through their feed buttery smooth just like they can on Instagram, but it’s always jittery, whether I set my rows to 25 or to 4. It’s just not enough. I tried adding 7 more units to the app and honestly couldn’t see a difference.

I’m really just typing out of frustration at this point, lol, ngl this problem sucks.

You can do various things to make it seem faster, like having a loader screen to ‘entertain’ your users while the data loads…you could look at the search itself and the constraints and try to remove any advanced filters or if using a :filtered operator put all the constraints onto the search itself…try to use pagination…don’t display images…there are a lot of potential reasons for slower speed, and lots of potential ways to ‘mask’ it or remove it and it really depends on how you have it set up.

This is strange…

  1. Your RG is seted to “External Vertical Scrolling” ?
  2. What are you displaying in your RG?
  3. How complex are your constrain and filter?