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Long homapage with sections

Hey guys, now that responsive design has replaced the stripes, I am trying to find a way to display a different background for each section of the homepage as the user scrolls down the page.
For instance I’d like to display a video at the background and then a flat color when the user scroll down to the “how it works section” and so on… until the bottom of the page. I hope this makes sense.
I’d like to be able to design something that looks like Airbnb’s homepage for instance.

I’ve learned that with responsive designs the key to showing stripes is with groups. Add a group to the page (left edge to right edge) and make sure that it doesn’t have “enable max width” set. Now when you load the page it will stretch the group to the full width. Keep adding groups below until you have the number of stripes you want.

FYI - If you go into the Sample Apps section I believe there are a couple apps that do this (including the Bubble app).