Slow repeating group load is KILLING me - please help!

My job board site has a database of c.70 jobs. There are 2 different categories - ACA jobs and CFA jobs.

I’m using a repeating group to filter for ACA jobs on the ACA jobs page. But it’s incredibly slow at loading and users end up looking at a seemingly blank page for about 5 seconds.

Here is the page I’m referring to.

And here is my setup for the repeating group:

Screenshot 2020-10-26 at 21.43.55

Anyone have any ideas as to how to speed it up?

Here’s the layout of the repeating group if it’s of any use:

Layout: ext. vert scrolling


Just FYI, I have a fairly quick computer and live in the US and the page fully loads in 2.9seconds to me. It seems pretty quick for a Bubble app showing 70 items, as 100 is about the most you can load in super ideal scenario without waiting for a while - and that’s when you’re near the datacenter.

Given the domain, I’m guessing there is a chance you’re pretty far from the AWS cluster hosting your app. However, might help to have a simple animation or loader to let users know what’s about to show up.

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Thanks for that @sgrassie - really helpful.

The animation/loader is an excellent idea. Any idea how to implement one for a repeating group?

Reduce the number of cell. You actually have 50. You could reduce to 1 and the number of initial item displayed will adapt automatically to the page height. IT will be faster too. Actually, the page load a lot of cell but I can see the top 6 without scrolling. So you can consider also to reduce to 10 if you want.
But I confirm that for me, loading time is around 3sec.

I’m partial to the approach where you place a static image loading gif as the lowest level element inside the RG cell. Since it is a static URL, it will load more quickly than the RG’s search results. When your search appears, have it cover the loading animation with either a solid BG or shape.

You can even set the animation to stop or disappear after a set time, such as 10 seconds, so the browser isn’t animating things on the page even when hidden. Also, it’s nice to do this for the user - because if they’re still seeing the animation (and no search results) after 10 seconds or so, there’s probably an issue and they might need to try again.

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@sgrassie you are a smart and helpful man.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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