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Looking for a Bubble CSS expert

The app I’m building is very visually technical and has some interesting CSS/responsive problems to solve. It’s impossible to describe here, so I’d like to hear from any experienced Bubble consultants who are particularly skilled at using custom CSS to solve challenges that can’t be wrangled within the builder.

Timeline is right now, and I’d love to chat with someone who can help me.


@oli1 Hi Oli, do you have details of your website and budget for this project?

Hi there.
I recorded a video to help people see what I’m referring to.
To reiterate, I need a Bubble expert who’s got experience in custom CSS/responsive in Bubble.

Link to video:

In terms of budget, I’m looking for a developer to scope this and provide an estimate of time/cost.

Hey Oli! I am the founder of which makes it easy to find NoCode developers and mentors for Bubble. Hope you fix your CSS issues soon!

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