Looking for a Bubble dev to help build my project

Hi Bubblers!

My name is Cem, a paralegal starter who became jobless after the COVID lockdowns. This fueled me to build my first website, a Wordpress multi-vendor marketplace with the help of a freelancer found from Fiverr. Sadly, I realized the standard plugins in Wordpress didn’t do what I wanted it to do. I had a Etsy like marketplace in my mind… but this was not possible with no programming skills. At the same time many people told me my idea had to be in the form of an application, not a website.

Thats when I started searching for other options and possibilities and found Bubble. After having worked for some days and weeks I made very little progress. Thats why I am searching for someone who can build me my multi vendor marketplace.

The website that I have build on Wordpress can be found via https://loqal.store . I would like to have a similar website but one which works easier for the user and can be easily formed into an iOs/Android application.

Curious about the reactions and about the pricing.

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Hi @loqal,

I would be very happy to work with you. Check your PM!


Hi @loqal,

I would like work for you,
I have sent you the PM with details please check.

Best Regards

ola, @loqal

I would like to develop this project, with you!

Alexandre Kraufort

Hi Alexandre,

What would your price be for building multi vendor marketplace just like Etsy? Do you have any projects build before which you can show me?


Hello Cem,

I can create your idea app on bubble but first of all you can check my last project for restaurant delivery app.

My last app is full native on shop page because we want that app can work like native app on web

Kind regards,

Enes efe

Merhaba Enes,

Türk olman sevindirdi beni. But let’s continue in English.
As you can read I am a jobless starter who wants his Wordpress website https://loqal.store to become an application on iOs and Android. Sadly, building this is undoable without having amounts of capital.

So my question is; what will the fixed price be if I want a multi-vendor marketplace, just like Etsy, cost?

Also, I am not a technical person… but I need to manage the website easily from the backend… is it possible for you to build easy to manage back-end for a non-technical person like me?


Hello Cem,

İstediğin şekilde devam edelim istersen sohbet edebiliriz :slight_smile:

First of all Etsy systems like multi customer can add them products on admin panel. And also you have to have 2 different admin panel. first, for your customers who wants to sell them products and second, a general admin panel is required for you.
but only if you want to add products yourself, you can buy it on marketplace
if you need a customization for your project I work 20$/hourly.
Before we start, We talk about extra features and total work hours and then step by step I can create your project.

Kind regards,

Enes Efe

My email: enes_efe_158@hotmail.com please contact me about your project
My local food on demand app link (German but english version waiting for publish):

Good night @loqal

Sorry to delay replying, I just saw your message.

I looked at Etsy (Italian)

It seems to be simple to build in Bubble. Construction time will depend on what you want in your MVP.

Regarding values for a project like this initially U $ 37h
But we can negotiate a total value for your MVP.
If you want to chat send me an email: alexandrekraufort@gmail.com
or suporte@qi1000.io

Grateful for the contact.

I am interested in the work at an affordable price .Contact me for more details