Looking for a Bubble.io Developer

I am creating a new dating app.
We consider ourself even more a relationship app, than a dating app.
Right now we are working with a clickable prototype (created in Framer.com), which is not really designed, to use some functions. Now we want to move on to a bubble.io no-code MVP. So we can do even more testing with a few hundred people.

Most of the functions that are in the prototype should also be possible in the MVP. We are looking for someone who really knows bubble.io and can tell us, which functions are possible to run on bubble and how.

In a first step we would like that you are looking over our documents and prototype and let us know, what is possible to do in a bubble MVP and which functions are more difficult or even impossible at this stage.
We will pay you in a first place to go over our documents, so you really understand what our App is about and how we should proceed.

Interested? Contact me on:

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Better to start prototyping in Figma, So bubble can import it

We have done that as well. We have a prototype in Figma, which we imported to Framer. So there is one on both tools. Thanks for the tipp :slight_smile:

Hey I can help.