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Looking for a Bubble learning partner


I have been playing with bubble for a couple of months now, and have reached a beginner-intermediate level. However, the learning process is relatively slow compared to my desires.

Hence, I would like to partner with another bubble user with a similar bubble experience/knowledge to increase the productivity with this amazing tool for both of us. We would be helping each other (1-2 hours per day or depending on our schedule/needs) with bubble and also build things together if possible. If you feel like this offer appeals you, or you just want to know more how we could help each other, you can simply send me a DM.


Hi Senad. I like the idea of the emulation.
But I’ve just started with bubble couple of days ago though, but I’m planning to get couple of projects together and improve myself in understanding the various functionnalities, together with growth hacking skills, to test a couple of business ideas. should we talk?

hey @thomjj thanks for the reply. Currently, I am looking for someone who has some months of bubble on his shoulders, as being on the same level is more likely to be a win-win situation for both parties.
Anyway, we can have a talk and see how we can help each other. sending you a dm :slight_smile:

I’m down.

hey @oiplive thanks for the reply.

sending you a dm :slight_smile:

Hi Guys where are you based??:slight_smile:

hey @emanuelegurnari I am based in Europe :slight_smile:

I think i am more than an intermediate level and i would like to help you so feel free to contact me here at any time and we can schedule a video call:)
let me know :))