Looking for study buddy

Learning Bubble is not easy… there I’ve said it. You’ve got the forum and lots of courses out there, but nobody to help level out the learning curve. I have been trying to get myself on the path to understanding how the programming works, but for a variety of reasons haven’t been able to catch fire. I am looking of a kindred spirit looking to work through whatever is needed to master the topic of Bubble.is. I am in the NYC area, but have no problem with internet conferencing. Not concerned with potential partner’s present level of knowledge. I am willing to start from the very basics. Judgement free… just mutual support in order to succeed.


If there are NYC meetups, I might drop by :slight_smile:

Would you consider a structured, step by step, tuitioned course oriented towards the student with zero programming background? This is something where students could get real-time feedback and get questions answered in order to smooth out the learning curve and get people like myself comfortable with the Bubble methodology. Perhaps meet once a week (physically or online), have homework assignments… all the traditional stuff. This would be the where users would gain competency such that the Bubble Forum would be less cryptic. It would also allow for a novice user’s support group that could expedite their own skill acquisition from within the group.

There’s an online Bubble group that gets together once every month. Probably not the full solution you’re looking for, but would be a good way to meet other Bubblers, get support, and perhaps find a study partner.

Thanks Scott…

Would LOVE to chat. Let me know the best way! I can’t believe there isn’t a subreddit or something.

Little background: I’m a non-technical product manager by day. Business background, have done some very light web design and stuff in the past. Not an idiot, but not a programmer :slight_smile: I’ve been working in bubble for a couple weeks and I have to agree w/ you, the level curve is real! Would love someone to bounce concepts and questions off of, and reciprocate the same.

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