Building Partner/ Beginner /Intermediate

Hi members,

I am looking for a learner partner to build a SAAS project together.
We will spend 1 hour daily building the application.

I have been lacking consistency from some time.
Will be nice to work together with someone.

Hit me up, if you are looking to build and learn together.

Yow, how are you ?

Im interested learn and build projects together
please if u can hit me private message so we can meet each other

Best Regards

Hey @rishabh2810ag !

Love that you’re finding a building buddy to bounce ideas off of.
If you ever run into blockers and need professional assistance I have a coaching program where you send in videos of your problems and I send back a customized video with answers.

Let me know if you’re interested.

Helping entrepreneurs build their app through 1 on 1 coaching and asynchronous videos

Am interested

I am also interested. I am kinda a beginner in Bubble but feel very advanced already building complex apps.

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Maybe you can give me some advice

Are you referring to me? @jeffreypunt91