Looking for a developer willing to work for equity

We are a startup with 2 co-founders based in the UK working on a product and set of consulting services to help businesses address a post-Covid employee engagement and productivity problem. We already have generated reasonable market interest, have established an advisory board, and are working with several associates, and have expressions of interest from several clients, and we are seeking grant funding this year.

Our current Bubble based MVP is using the latest AirDev Canvas template, integrates with OpenAI GPT and popular business chat platforms like Teams and Slack. We are looking for someone who can assist with improving performance, fix bugs and build new features, who has broader and deeper technical Bubble skills including extensive plugin development, and who ideally has strong JS and .NET coding skills also.

We are using the Slicing Pie framework to manage fair equity distribution amongst everyone involved.


I am fully prepared and enthusiastic to join your startup venture. With a strong foundation, market interest, and established connections, Iā€™m eager to contribute to your mission of addressing post-Covid employee engagement and productivity challenges. My expertise in Bubble, including plugin development, coupled with proficiency in JS and .NET coding, positions me well to enhance performance, resolve issues, and introduce new features to your MVP. Additionally, my familiarity with the Slicing Pie 21 framework ensures fair equity distribution among team members. I look forward to discussing how I can further support your objectives