Looking for a really good bubble freelancer

Want to find really good bubble freelancers to help me out with a project. My friend wants to create an app who help neighbors connect and help each other.

Are you the right guy or do you now the right guy?
Please contact me!


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Hi there,

Happy to help!

Take a look at my SaaS apps (built on Bubble) (I also have a few more apps I haven’t released).


A few testimonials/feedback pieces I have had on my Bubble work (sorry to blow my own trumpet):

“Phenomenal work. Really well done!”

“Very good design. Very clean, very intuitive and easy to navigate.”

“I took a look at your web app and it’s pretty amazing what you have been able to do on Bubble.”

“Excellent work, some of the best I’ve seen on Bubble”

“Your app looks stunning”

Take care,

Are those Bubble apps ?

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They are indeed!

Marketing website designed on Webflow, but the whole app is built on Bubble :slight_smile:

I think you should be clearer about that.


The design is consistent and to the same standard throughout the website and app, so its not deceiving at all (if anything the Bubble app is designed nicer because I spent a lot more time on it).

OK, just wanted to be clear. Webflow is nice !

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Its great for websites, but nothing comes close to Bubble in the app world!

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