Looking for advice on "how-to" capturing url's for database


I’m new to Bubble.io and I just started to build my first app. I’m looking for some help on how to “how-to” capturing URLs for the database and then display the content on the home screen.

MY IDEA: my app will be an online reference (similar to Wikipedia) where users can add and edit the content that will be searchable.

MY PROBLEM: I’m having difficulty learning how to create a “pop-up” element that allows users to add a URL and then that database appears on the screen and is a clickable link for other users to access.

I’ve attached a couple of photos that hopefully explains what I’m looking to do.

Any help regarding this matter will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!


If I understand your question correctly all you need to do is have a datatype for your links, with fields for Name, Description, Tags (I’d recommend having a separate datatype for tags), and URL

Then when a user enters a new URL just create a new ‘Link’ with the field values from the inputs.

To display the URL you can use a link element.

Thank you so much @adamhholmes for your help!

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