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Looking for collaborator(s)

Not sure what category this falls under, but I’ve been learning bubble for a few months now and I’d really like to join forces with someone (or a group of people) to build a substantial, polished product.

In addition to bubble knowledge I’m also adept at adobe cc (indesign, photoshop, some illustrator) and have started to learn more about facebook ads and google analytics.

Things I’ve built by myself: - task management system - online writing commpunity for RP

I’m open to any kind of product goal, but my general interests are products concerning: writing communities, video gamers, film community things, self-employment platforms (I believe this is the future), social media platforms (like a minimalist facebook without the obnoxious push notifications), IT ticketing systems, document review systems, news social media (that aims to be fact checked–not just viral).



I’ve almost posted this same type of message a bunch of times. It seems we have some of the same ideas of apps to build. The three major ideas I’m still toying with are a book writing app like Scrivner, but online; a CRM/PSA type system, and platforms that aggregate data – like different types of shopping comparison tools. And I actually work as a consultant for BMC Remedy ITSM (an IT ticketing system).

What is your background in?
Any sales/marketing/customer-facing experience?
Have you created any apps/websites on technologies other than Bubble?

My background:
Resume can be found here
I consider myself a generalist.
8+ years working in the technology space mainly in consulting
Major in Information Systems
Experienced designing and building n-tier architectures
Developed many websites using Wordpress/Joomla over the years.
A general understanding of programming concepts with some experience with JS, PHP, .NET
A good grasp of HTML and CSS
A good grasp of design and marketing
Not the best sales person, but know how to perform discovery and develop demos for specific audiences.

Examples of work: (built on bubble) (Wordpress) (a work in progress, but could provide credentials to view what’s been built) (Wordpress) (Joomla)


It does look like we have similar realms of interest haha. I’ve never used scrivener but I’ll go take a look. I actually majored in Creative Writing, so stuff like that is definitely interesting to me. Publishing platforms in general – Wattpad, jukepop serials… I’d love to compete with them somehow one day. Have you ever used submittable? I feel like bubble could create something like that too.

That’s cool that you work for BMC! I’m a helpdesk specialist and our company uses RT from best practical. It’s okay but our userbase hates it so I’ve always wanted to make something lean and aesthetic.

I don’t have traditional marketing experience, but over the past year I’ve made a lot of client-facing documents for CastleBranch (user guides, student instruction forms, client onboarding packets). My main experiment in marketing has been my off bubble sideproject using social media, etsy, some FB ads.

My background:

  • Also a generalist, lol. Actually I saw a Ted talk once that called us multiple-disciplinarians.
  • ~ 2 years ESL teaching on a LMS platform – ( I could be wrong but i think there’s a huge market for this if you target South Korea and China building an american native LMS platform; I worked for a South Korean one. Their learning resources were terrible at best…always had to improv)
  • ~ 2 years on a help desk for background screening company (we also do nursing student immunization tracking)
  • Good grasp of HTML and CSS. Used to do a lot of skinning for invisionfree/jcink forums; it’s been a while though
  • Familiar with wordpress
  • Some experience with email marketing and template edits/creation
  • No sales work experience but these days I’m not afraid to try it haha.

Any chance you either, (or both) of you are still interested in exploring project opportunities? I have something I am working on in the LMS space…would love to get some tech perspective/exploration if interested.

Dire t email is [email protected]