Looking for CTO with Bubble experience


We are looking for a Bubble developer to join our team as a CTO.
We are creating a SaaS for any type of company to manage rented equipment or machinery, with an initial focus in construction and mining. Construction rentals alone is a $300bn market, ripe for disruption!

The rest of the founders have experience in the industry and in other tech businesses like Uber. And actually our end goal is to create sort of an Uber Freight for machinery.

We have developed 50% of the product on our own, but need someone with deeper experience to take this to the next level and raise VC money in Barcelona, Spain, where the company would be based initially. We are willing to give out considerable equity and/or stock options.

Looking forward to find the right person to join our team =)


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Hello @c.gehlen.z,

I am ready to join you from today. I have 8+ years of experience and since 2 years i am working on bubble. Unfortunately my Skype is locked. So please reach me by email address that is joomdev1309@gmail.com.

I am ready for interview as well.