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Expanding Leafy Map Plugin Power - CrowdFunding Call

I am looking for other bubblers who are currently using ( every bubbler should be using ) the Leafy Maps free plugin. Leafy Maps 🌿 (new free plugin)

Currently this plugin offers an immense benefit to users who are interested in not paying Google $5 for every 1,000 map views on their site. Imagine your app sees the success we all expect and you garner 100,000 monthly visits or more and your app loads a map for each visitor just one time. That would cost you $500/month, not to mention the other API fees such as geolocation etc.

To avoid the high costs of google maps, @vini_brito created an awesome plugin, that allows users to access other map API providers such as mapbox and Stadia. Plus he made this plugin free for all to use. You would only then need to pay for the map providers API, of which Stadia only charges $20/month to show up to 25,000 maps a day!

Recently I discussed some possible ideas of how to expand the power of the Leafy Maps plugin and I am looking to see if there are other bubblers willing to help with supporting the development of these features.

Specific features on request are concerning the map marker popup. Currently the plugin provides the ability to show a popup on click of a map marker, and that popup is limited to static or dynamic text.

The expanded features requested are to allow for a workflow action to show a popup as well as add custom HTML to the popup to enable more styling features.

The cost of this would be $70 in total and I’m looking for other users who may be willing to share in the costs to support this development.



That’s right folks!
As I always say, this maps plugin is highly extensible and can be upgraded to do much more than it already does, so feel free to chime in with new ideas too!

I’d be willing to support it.

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@harrisonalley between the three of us this could be an affordable endeavor…maybe we could get a fourth to bring the cost down for each supporter?

Is this the specific feature you’re looking for?

It’s not something I really need from the plugin at the moment, but if we’re splitting $70 3 ways, I could do that in the spirit of developing this plugin further.

Yes, those are the features I wanted to see added. No worries if they are not what you are looking for…feel free to add to this thread the features you want to see added. Perhaps discuss with vini those features and get an approximate cost…

My thought is this thread could just stay up and as more users chime in on their willingness to help fund any of the features listed we may be able to get all the features requested.


I’d love to see the route optimization developed further.

Currently, the costing parameter (whether the route is for a car, bicycle, or person walking) for Valhalla route optimization built into the plugin via Stadia is not dynamic - it must be fixed by the app creator instead of chosen by the user.

I’d also like for there to be an option to check to automatically fit all pins/markers within the viewable map.

The work-around I’ve found to accomplish this is to create invisible lines between added pins/markers and check the box to zoom to the lines between them, but it feels like a hack/work-around and doesn’t quite always work as expected.

It would also be cool if you could drag the route (like you can in Google maps) and details about the trip like drive time, distance, and step-by-step directions would update in real-time as the user drags the route.

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@boston85719 did you get your features published and if so, was it to a custom plugin?

No I have not had the features published…it would be on the leafy plugin if I were to do it. At the moment it is not a focus, so I am waiting until it is more of a need

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Gotcha. Just curious. I’ll probably have him publish some features for me when his time frees up a bit.

@boston85719 would you still be interested in funding this HTML/Popup marker feature? I would be willing to join you on that.

@harrisonalley and @eric.k are either of you still interested in helping with the funding of this functionality?

What’s the cost?

I believe it is $70 that would be split 3 ways