Looking for Enterprise SSO Implementation?

We have already had a SSO plugin installed for one of our customers in 2023 and it was working well even its setup was smooth and straight forward.
Since Bubble announced its API v4 and that all plugin authors have to upgrade their plugins before 12-March-2024, we found an update for this plugin and when we upgraded it to the latest API v4 in January-2023, the plugin was broken and no single user could sign in again using SSO so we downgraded immediately and have just configured another plugin and went live in a matter of days and it’s working well
In fact the old plugin author himself is a friendly & supportive person but for some reason, he is not replying for months now !
However, if you have got the same problem or need to engage us to implement for you Enterprise SSO, we will be more than happy to support you, Please email us at contact@effortlesssolutions.fr.

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