Looking for help building a really cool recovery app

hey yall I am new to the bubble community and am just started getting ideas into the app universe but I have one that I am currently trying to work on that I wouldn’t mind help with. It honestly could be a good idea and the scope be interesting. Its an app to share daily gratitude lists with a recovery community that you chose and add etc. make friends people can join and connect. I feel like it could be a good place for people in sobriety to share their gratitude list which is important but can also be a good resource for them to vent and share fellowship. If anyone is interested please email me a sp4allday@gmail.com

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Please check your pm

Hi, @sp4allday
I would be glad to help you develop a recovery app in Bubble.io

I have been developing in Bubble for 4 years, and have done 40 apps, ranging from Travel and CMS apps and Crypto platforms and Marketplaces. I also do UX/UI design in Figma.

Please check my cases on the website: derun.us

I worked in an agency, but now I do apps on my own and am open for a project.
Would love to help.


awesome, I appreciate the community already. this is the first time I have opened up an idea so its really cool to get the feedback. I can send you the ideas i have so far for the project if you want. I started working from the hello template but i dont understand enough yet to know if im doing the right things. I have the idea in my head. here is an idea of what im working on:

  1. Login/Register Screen:
  • Users can log in or create a new account to access the app’s features.
  1. Home Screen:
  • Displays a feed of gratitude lists shared by connected users or from the public feed.
  • Users can view, like, and comment on the gratitude lists.
  1. Create Gratitude List:
  • Users can create their own gratitude list by adding items they are grateful for each day.
  • There can be an option to mark the list as public or only visible to connected users.
  1. Discussion Sections:
  • Venting Section: Users can post about their struggles, challenges, or anything they want to vent about. Other users can comment and provide support.
  • Grief and Loss Section: Users can share their experiences with grief or loss and connect with others who have gone through similar situations.
  • Additional Discussion Sections: You can create more discussion sections based on specific topics relevant to recovery.
  1. Connections and Messaging:
  • Users can connect with each other and view a list of their connections.
  • There can be a messaging feature to facilitate private conversations between connected users.
  1. Meetings and Achievements:
  • Users can share information about recovery meetings or milestones they have achieved.
  • This section can include details such as meeting schedules, locations, and types of meetings (e.g., AA, NA).