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Looking for help from developer with direct Xero API experience


I’m looking for (paid) help asap (today if possible) from another developer who has experience of using the Xero API directly (not a plugin) using the API Connector.

Here’s the issue I’m having that I want to resolve so I can move forward…

This is how I have it currently setup:

And it goes through the Xero connection authorisation and response ok but I get the following error message (despite the raw response showing it returning access_token ):

I did get Postman working as a test and tried to replicate the same in the API Connector but not all the settings seem to be named the same.




Read your error carefully its says that you are missing your xero acces_ token so kindly check the token id and let me know

You are missing Bearer , add **Bearer ** before you access token and space. will work