Looking for newbie-friendly doc for expressions and operators

Moving on from a newbie to intermediate, I am still struggling from not well-understanding of a variety of expressions and operators, so vigorously searching for good, friendly tutorials, docs or articles that cover them to fail except a few selected ones or Bubble docs that I find not very friendly for non-tech guys like me.

Am I missing a good one or any recommendations?

Hi there, @yj.johnrhee… you said you already know about the Bubble docs for expressions and operators, so I’m guessing those links won’t be helpful. Aside from Bubble’s documentation, I haven’t seen any sort of “definitive” guides to expressions and operators, and I’m guessing it’s because how you use those things is tied so much to the context in which you are using them that it would be difficult to create generic guides for them.

The above being said, I wonder if your best bet would be to try to describe some of the aspects of expressions and operators with which you are struggling, and maybe folks here in the community can help you get a better understanding of those aspects. For me, though, there has been nothing better than my own experience with building expressions and using operators to gain the knowledge I needed to feel more comfortable with them, and that just takes time, of course.

Hope this helps.



Hello @yj.johnrhee

Please check https://explore-bubble.bubbleapps.io. Contains examples from all operators. You can also find tips on each page. Made as a template, you can get a free copy. Each operator is built in a reusable element, you can easily find and understand how to use it.


Hi Mike, thanks for advise. Yes, I am learning them through trials and errors as well as lots of helps from many co-Bubblers like yourself. I always appreciate sharing their experiences and knowledge.


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Thank you @eren for letting me know of the template. I will definitely take a look and I am sure it’s gonna be of a great help.


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