Looking for SAAS to invest in, purchase

My two friends who are a Senior VP at a large ad agency and General Counsel at a Disney company and I are looking for companies to invest in or purchase. I am the technical lead and they are the “money guys” and strategic advisors. I have advised we should consider a Bubble app since it is something that I can work with, dig into, vet, modify when needed, maintain, etc. Here are the parameters of what we are looking for:

  • Looking for any SAAS that is a subscription model, has a solid business plan, and the technology is fairly far along or the business is live. We would make a contract with you to invest in/purchase the business so you would probably need a lawyer.

  • It has to be built using mainly Bubble - this is so we are able to iterate on it and make sure its built well, and maintain it.

  • We are looking at investment amounts in the $5-$20k range but could be more based on a financial model that requires a larger investment. More than $20k probably would mean the business is already live and generating some revenue.

  • We are looking for an arrangement that could be purchasing a percentage of your company and partnering to add money/advisors to the project or it could just be a complete buyout.

You may be asking, why are we not building this ourselves from scratch?

  • We definitely could and are still discussing options, but we figured why reinvent the wheel? If there is someone with a great app out there that is looking to sell/looking for investors then it could probably save months of development time.

So, if you have something that you would like to discuss please PM me or comment here. I look forward to meeting you!


Thank you for sharing this.

It shows that you see value in Bubble and the developer community.

And to Bubble users, if you need funding, try to do it in a planned way.

For example @tmuelle1 offers 10k for % equity.

If you are based in UK or Europe, local authorities will offer matched grants for innovative projects. So a simple 10k investment can turn into a 20k one.

This is more dependent on your location, but did you know researching and developing a Project in the UK, entitles your business to a large amount of R&D Credits. Expanding further your capital by up to 25%.

Just an example of how you can turn 10k investment into a 25k one.

If based in UK and have any questions on this, please reach out to me on omar@wegetdesign.com

To be honest $5 to $20k is a mere drop in a very big ocean even for an angel investor for startup with a business plan and working revenue model. Make sure you consider this very very carefully before jumping in head first!


@tmuelle1, I have one in the real estate domain.

Not sure if your numbers will necessarily make sense, though that would depend on your plans for it.

If you’d like to see it, let me know.