Seeking Buyer For Large Well Known Bubble-Built SaaS App - £10,000

Hi all,

I’m seeking a buyer for a well know software company built with a combination of Bubble and Webflow. The company has been trading nearly 2 years. I’m keeping the name private due to active customers and well known brand.

The platform is solid and reliable with a great architecture in a very profitable market. Due to my commitments I am unable to market it and grow it further.

Please see business information below:

  • Year 1 revenue - +/- $40,000
  • Current MRR (sub $100 due to lack of marketing)
  • Email list +2000
  • Active customers from lifetime deal roughly 300
  • Stack: App is on Bubble, website on Webflow
  • Full marketing funnels and onboarding set up via Autopilot
  • Social media accounts included (very active Facebook page with +7k followers)
  • .com domain
  • Can hand over Limited Company or dissolve if you acquire.
  • Active support group
  • Monthly running costs - $120 all in

Asking price: £10,000

Asking price very low due to lack of current MRR

Looking forward to your reply - serious buyers only please with the capital available to buy. I won’t offer demos etc if you don’t currently have the funds available to prevent time wasted.


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Hi Reece would it be possible to get more info?

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Hi Rumit, sure i’ll PM you

would be interested in taking a look

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Reece - Can I get more info about this?

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Hi Reece,

I would be interested could you please provide more info?

Many Thanks,

Just curious why you would sell it for a quarter of your annual revenue? Don’t businesses usually go for 3 to 10 x annual revenue?

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He is selling for ~10 x annual revenue. Monthly is sub $100 he says

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Aha didn’t notice that. Thanks


hi Reece
Would love to hop on a call with you if this business is still for sale.
Let me know.

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Sorry for the delay - will pm you

Could you PM me with details on this business? I might be interested if it matches my portfolio of apps.

Hi Reece,

Did you find a buyer in the end?

Send me further information if not.

Thanks, James

He did :slight_smile: